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Fuelling Your Emotional Energy

A common theme of our coaching clients, especially those who are in leadership positions, is emotional exhaustion. Challenges, such as rising demands of their roles, relentless drives for even better results, and complex relationships at the workplace or home, often lead to a feeling of burnout. This affects their personal well-being and their capacity to make decisions, care for others, and perform. It’s a cost to the leaders themselves and, ultimately, also to their organizations.

Clients facing this challenge will have to ‘refuel’. One of their strategies is to adopt a set of intentional rituals to measure and replenish their daily emotional capacity. For example, taking a pause when facing a challenging circumstance (which can be a person, task, or situation) that may deplete their emotional energy, reducing exposure to such circumstances and increasing exposure to more positive energy sources, or reframing and finding gifts in negative experiences.

Some clients take an extended break to reflect on their emotional status and to recharge themselves. The results can be transformative. One of our clients took a two-month sabbatical and went on a solo road-trip to remote places. While appreciating the new sceneries and cultures, he journaled daily to reflect on the challenges he faced in his career and relationships, his values, beliefs, and fears. He reflected on alternative ways to go forward. This journey had a profound positive impact on his career and his life. Other clients choose to pursue a personal challenge or a learning project: physical or spiritual. Their paths are different; the end result: increased self-awareness, emotional energy and success.

Whatever strategy leaders choose, they always start with building or deepening an awareness of themselves and their emotions. What are my emotions right now? How do I describe them? What circumstances have led to my emotions? What are my strengths and limitations when dealing with my emotions? How did I behave because of my emotions? What impact have my behaviors had on others? Articulating their answers to these questions lays an important foundation for managing their emotional energy and inspiring others. They should not only self-reflect, but also seek feedback from others.

At CoFuturum, we are passionate about supporting leaders who want to fuel their emotional energy. We help them practice awareness, find the most effective strategies, and implement them in order to be more emotionally resilient. This is an integral objective of our tailored Leading with Emotional Intelligence programs.

What are your challenges and secret sauces for managing your emotional energy? How have they transformed yourself and your organization? We want to hear your views!

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